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– John Dewey

“Best way to respect learners: Use techniques that research has proven to work. Help people reach their goals without wasting their time.” – Cathy Moore

My Journey


As I embarked on my 8 week journey to learn about learning theories and instruction I learned so much, but what I found surprising is how I believed I learned was just a small peak of what I believed to be my learning style. I now know that there are learning styles, learning strategies, learningContinue reading “Reflection”


How has my network changed the way I learn? My network has changed the way I am able to view content and bring meaning to it. The Internet does so much, we just have to look it up. Most of the information I search I can find in multiple formats such as, YouTube, Google Scholar,Continue reading “Connectivism”

E-Learning is the Now

My name is Crystal Rivera and I am a current Technology Assistant at a high school and current graduate student at Walden University. My goal is to complete my Masters in Instructional Design and technology (IDT). As one of my assigned assignments for my course I have to have an understanding and comfort level withContinue reading “E-Learning is the Now”

“Instructional Design aims to compress the learning process and fill the gaps in our knowledge in the most effective way”.

– Christopher Pappas- Founder of the E-Learning Industry’s Network

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