Fitting the Pieces Together

This were my thoughts prior to learning about learning theories and learning styles… I know that I have never been a good test taker and I considered myself to be a hands-on learner. The conventional structures and methods of teaching have never worked out for me and how I grasp information and learn. I haveContinue reading “Fitting the Pieces Together”

Metacognitive Strategies and Self-Regulated Learning

When growing up it was not instilled in our schools the understandings how students learn and the different methods of teaching students to understand, though there was research going on at the time. I was used to one-way methods that the teachers worked with us. They read a story and ask questions and if youContinue reading “Metacognitive Strategies and Self-Regulated Learning”

E-Learning is the Now

My name is Crystal Rivera and I am a current Technology Assistant at a high school and current graduate student at Walden University. My goal is to complete my Masters in Instructional Design and technology (IDT). As one of my assigned assignments for my course I have to have an understanding and comfort level withContinue reading “E-Learning is the Now”

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