Metacognitive Strategies and Self-Regulated Learning

When growing up it was not instilled in our schools the understandings how students learn and the different methods of teaching students to understand, though there was research going on at the time. I was used to one-way methods that the teachers worked with us. They read a story and ask questions and if you got it wrong that was your end grade. Studies have demonstrated that students at a very young age using metacognitive strategies while they read are more likely to become good readers and have an understanding of what they are reading (Eilers & Rogers, 2006). Informed strategies for learning (ISL) was found to help out poor readers while good readers were using ISL as they instinctively and dependently unified the tactics while they did their readings. As the students using ISL strategies there was no change in their learning but for your poor readers there was, so it was then when they found that starting metacognitive strategies at an early grade level would help your poor readers.

We also have self-regulated learners which is important in the field of education and having the ability to understand how self-regulated learners learn. Self-regulated learners using their thoughts, feelings, and actions which are focused on the student’s own goals (Boekaerts, 1999). I have always been one of the students to struggle with reading and comprehending what I am reading. I considered myself to be a self-regulated learner. I learn as my goals are structured, how I am motivated, what I desire and putting my emotions through it all. There are students who like to rehearse and memorize their intended materials to pass a test; also, your deep-processing students who like to understand the material by expressing their own experiences to the evidence provided or material (Boekaerts, 1999). A student must know how to direct themselves in their own learnings to obtain the skills required to learn any material given to them. It is not easy to be a self-regulated learner but it gets the learner through and is able to be successful. The two articles cited are a great read and would recommend them if you want to gain a deeper insight of metacognitive strategies and self-regulated learners. Just click on the links and you are on your way.


Boekaerts, M., (1999). Self-regulated learning: where we are today. International Journal of Education Research. Volume 31, Issue 6, Pages 445-45.

Eilers, L. H., & Rogers, C. P. (2006). Metacognitive Strategies Help Students to Comprehend All Text. Reading Improvement43(1), 13–29.

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