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E-Learning is the Now

My name is Crystal Rivera and I am a current Technology Assistant at a high school and current graduate student at Walden University. My goal is to complete my Masters in Instructional Design and technology (IDT). As one of my assigned assignments for my course I have to have an understanding and comfort level with the various learning and technology tools out in this world. I will be creating my own blogging site and exploring what other instructional designers have to offer. I have not worked as an Instructional designer and am new to learning everything there is to know about becoming one. I have been going back and forth reading so many blogs on E-learning in the IDT world. There was so many and there were a few that I really enjoyed reading with lots of resources.

Christy Tucker is an experience design advisor who combines storytelling and technology to create engaging learning practices. She has been a blogger for quite some time now and after reading for about an hour of her blogs I started making connections of some of the trainings I am doing within my school. Her blog on “Build a Branching Scenario in Google Forms” was a great read and will help as a resource to implement new ways within my trainings at my work. Christy offers so many resources on what a IDT does and what knowledge and skills we must have to help others learn. Her blogs are going to be one of my go to when reading up on IDT.

Another blogger that I enjoyed and had so many insightful resources and knowledge was “The Rapid E-Learning Blog” by Tom Kuhlmann who has a bit over 20 years on hands on experience with E-Learning. All around the world E-learning is happening and it is rather new to the many of the high, middle, and elementary schools. It is becoming a challenge for our teachers with learning and having to teach their students as they too are learning to do E-Learning. Tom offers 5 tips to motivate learners and gives great detail with an understanding as to why these tip will work. This is something I can pass along to my teachers at my high school and believe will be very useful information to pass along with them. Lastly, ATD is an Instructional Design community website that helps IDT’s create a more productive workforce and offers so many resources from all different people and topics for the IDT world. Paul Hairs blogged about ID being a vital capability for the talent professionals and them needing the drivers of cognition, learner motivation, and the environment when doing their teachings. This blog helps maximize the learning experience and the learning transfer. This is something I am having to do when needing to train or teach a teacher how to use a program or simply upload videos to their already made Power Point Slides. Having the ability to accesses so many IDT’s with good resources is going to make it easy to learn from not only my peers within my classroom but from people around the world.


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