“Practice design, Not Decoration: Don’t just make pretty talking points. Instead, display information in a way that makes complex information clear.” -Nancy Duarte

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As I embarked on my 8 week journey to learn about learning theories and instruction I learned so much, but what I found surprising is how I believed I learned was just a small peak of what I believed to be my learning style. I now know that there are learning styles, learning strategies, learningContinue reading “Reflection”

Fitting the Pieces Together

This were my thoughts prior to learning about learning theories and learning styles… I know that I have never been a good test taker and I considered myself to be a hands-on learner. The conventional structures and methods of teaching have never worked out for me and how I grasp information and learn. I haveContinue reading “Fitting the Pieces Together”


How has my network changed the way I learn? My network has changed the way I am able to view content and bring meaning to it. The Internet does so much, we just have to look it up. Most of the information I search I can find in multiple formats such as, YouTube, Google Scholar,Continue reading “Connectivism”

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